Verona Wedding Photography – First Look, photography by: Suheil Artistic

Lovely wedding ceremony at Kips Castle in Verona, NJ.  Although the ceremony was moved to the Chapel due to weather conditions, we still managed to get wonderful photographs of the bride and groom.  My favorite part was the moment the groom looked at the bride for the first time outside the chapel. A picture says more than a million words. Unlike traditional weddings where the groom does not see his bride until the moment she walks down the isle, the “First Look” moment gives the couple intimate time to see each other before the ceremony starts.  Nothing beats the “wow” expression on the groom’s face when the bride taps him on the shoulder and he turns around to look at his bride.  By no means this “first look” replaces the moment when the bride and groom see each other at the alter, and realize they are minutes away from belonging to one another for life.  “First Look” is a different feeling and it gives the photographer a chance to capture some intimate moments of the couple before the big moment.

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