Verona Wedding Photography – First Look, photography by: Suheil Artistic

Lovely wedding ceremony at Kips Castle in Verona, NJ.  Although the ceremony was moved to the Chapel due to weather conditions, we still managed to get wonderful photographs of the bride and groom.  My favorite part was the moment the groom looked at the bride for the first time outside the chapel. A picture says more than a million words. Unlike traditional weddings where the groom does not see his bride until the moment she walks down the isle, the “First Look” moment gives the couple intimate time to see each other before the ceremony starts.  Nothing beats the “wow” expression on the groom’s face when the bride taps him on the shoulder and he turns around to look at his bride.  By no means this “first look” replaces the moment when the bride and groom see each other at the alter, and realize they are minutes away from belonging to one another for life.  “First Look” is a different feeling and it gives the photographer a chance to capture some intimate moments of the couple before the big moment.

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The Art of Wedding Photography

It is of utmost importance for a wedding photographer to keep an open mind and get inspired while shooting a wedding.  We can not limit ourselves to obtain the traditional photographs that everyone is expecting.  It’s necessary to get out of our comfort zone and capture moments that add sentiment to the wedding album we ultimately have to create.  Of course, without sacrificing the formal wedding photographs of the Bride, Groom, Bridal Party, Family Groups, etc.  It is a balancing act to obtain all the must have shots and the candid ones that show the emotion of the day.

Once in a while,  we get a bride in the studio showing us wedding photographs they find in the internet and asking us if we can replicate those in their wedding day.  As  professional photographers, we need to be flexible and accommodate our clients’ request, however, we also need to make them aware that several of the images they see are staged and not done on the actual wedding day.  Many of these images are commercial or editorial.  In our studio we only show our portfolio of actual weddings to our brides so they can appreciate our style and be crystal clear of what to expect from their wedding session.  We look for creative ways to obtain the images we need regardless of the time and setting limitations. At Suheil Artistic we keep it real!

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Model Photoshoots – Fun and Playful Sessions

Besides Wedding Photography and special events photography, at Suheil Artistic we offer Model Photoshoots.  Whether you are a professional model looking to expand your portfolio, just starting out, or simply looking to book a fun session to flaunt your new look contact Sharon Giraldo at 201-446-8684 for a consultation.  We provide excellent service, and a guaranteed fun, stress free session at a very affordable price.

Here are some of our most recent sessions.  You may find us at and facebook.
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Wedding Photography – Carolina & Carlos Wedding Shoot

Wedding Photography is one of the most important aspects of a wedding.  It requires a skilled photographer that can handle the stress and fast pace of the day without compromising the end result.  There are must have photos that your photographer will be taking throughout the day which are pretty standard, plus any special requests you may have discussed ahead of time.  The Bride and Groom consider the pictures their photographer takes of them in the Wedding Day as one of the most special ones they will ever have so as professional photographers we need to make sure we nail them.

Following are some of Carolina & Carlos’ wedding pictures.  We certainly nailed this one!

Suheil Artistic is an excellent choice for your wedding photography and video services.  We provide excellent quality at an affordable price.

Contact us at 201-866-0959.


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Special Gift for the Groom on the Wedding Day

It is a nice touch to treat your groom with a special gift on the wedding date.  After all he has been so wonderful and supportive making sure your wedding day dream comes to life and it’s unforgettable.  Well, rather than give him a fancy watch or some fishing gear why not surprise him with a glamorous photo book of his bride looking like a fabulous lingerie model.

At Suheil Artistic we create amazing Boudoir Sessions for the Bride to be. This is a trend that has become more and more popular and it certainly brings to light the bride’s sensual side in a very tasteful and elegant way.  The good news is the bride would book the session with a female photographer that will help her accentuate the strengths of her beauty and diffuse any flaws.

For more information please contact Suheil Artistic at 201-866-0959 and ask for Sharon.

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Children Photography for Easter

Page003_0Easter is the first spring holiday.  It’s a beautiful time full of color and magic.  Suheil Artistic is ready to work with your children to create some magical images you can share with your family during this holiday.  Our Easter special includes a 20 minute mini session with one 8×10, two 5×7 and 10 personalized Easter Holiday Cards of your favorite image for $49.95.  Call us today and book your session at 201-866-0959 or 201-446-8684.












Boudoir Photography

IMG_9195 copyBoudoir Photography is a new trend where women can have professional photographs taken in an intimate setting such as a hotel room, their own bedroom, a professional photography studio, or in some instances even outdoors.  Our approach at Suheil Artistic is to create images that are classy, sensual, and romantic.   Our female photographer works with our clients to obtain flattering images by creating poses that compliment their looks regardless of their age, size or body type.  Our objective is to help our clients reveal their inner beauty in front of the camera.   We capture it all with a classy and tasteful approach.  Boudoir photography is  the vehicle to give yourself a self confidence boost. Every woman deserves to feel like a diva at least once.  Whether you do it to surprise your groom on your wedding night, as a gift for Valentine’s Day, a birthday or anniversary gift, or to simply treat yourself to a fabulous ego boost a Boudoir Photography session it’s totally worth it.

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