The Art of Wedding Photography

It is of utmost importance for a wedding photographer to keep an open mind and get inspired while shooting a wedding.  We can not limit ourselves to obtain the traditional photographs that everyone is expecting.  It’s necessary to get out of our comfort zone and capture moments that add sentiment to the wedding album we ultimately have to create.  Of course, without sacrificing the formal wedding photographs of the Bride, Groom, Bridal Party, Family Groups, etc.  It is a balancing act to obtain all the must have shots and the candid ones that show the emotion of the day.

Once in a while,  we get a bride in the studio showing us wedding photographs they find in the internet and asking us if we can replicate those in their wedding day.  As  professional photographers, we need to be flexible and accommodate our clients’ request, however, we also need to make them aware that several of the images they see are staged and not done on the actual wedding day.  Many of these images are commercial or editorial.  In our studio we only show our portfolio of actual weddings to our brides so they can appreciate our style and be crystal clear of what to expect from their wedding session.  We look for creative ways to obtain the images we need regardless of the time and setting limitations. At Suheil Artistic we keep it real!

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