Easter Baby Photo Session 3-24-12

Baby photo sessions are lots of fun.  At Suheil Artistic, we encourage parents to get involved in the session and they are free to bring their own props.  If they have a special teddy bear or any item of sentimental value that they would like to incorporate in the photo session, we welcome it so don’t be shy.

Newborn babies are a little unpredictable, so parents please do not be upset if your child falls asleep or if the baby is a little fuzzy at his first photo session.  It is our job as professional photographers to work with these situations; we can still take beautiful pictures of your baby as a sleepy little angel.  We do recommend that you make sure the baby is fed and rested before coming to the studio.

Pregnancy Photoshoots – when is the right time?

It’s recommended to schedule your Pregnancy Photoshoot a month or two before your due date.    This is the best time to capture maternity shots.  “It’s your time to show off that baby bump”.  Don’t hold back – Mommy to be.  Let’s get you and hubby in the studio before you run out of time.

Call us at 201-866-0959 to book your appointment.


Why Hire a Professional Photographer for my Sweet Sixteen / Quinceanera?

Professional Photography is the best way to capture the memories of your Sweet Sixteen.  This is such an important event and requires so much planning that not hiring a professional photographer would be a big mistake.  Parents spend so much time, money and effort looking for the right venue, dresses, flowers, invitations, limousines, entertainment, and an endless list of other details that not hiring a photographer simply would not make sense.

Sometimes I have clients tell me that a friend of the family will take the photos for the day, and my argument is that only Experience, Equipment, and Skill combined can deliver the professional quality photos their daughters can treasure and share with future generations.  Is it worth risking not having beautiful professional images and having regrets?

When booking your photographer it’s very important to find one that at a minimum meets the following criteria:    

  • Experienced
  • Nice Personality (after all, you will spend a whole day with this individual so you might as well find someone personable so you feel comfortable)
  • Style (look at their work and make sure you like their style)


Small Photography Budget? Come and talk to us.

At Suheil Artistic we think of the brides and grooms that do not have a budget for photography, but still want some nice pictures of their wedding without having to pay $5,000+.  We think of those very young couples that are just starting out, and those that unfortunately, cannot rely on their parents to pay for their wedding.  This is the reason we have designed Economy Wedding Photography & Video Packages to service couples that have limited budgets.  It is our philosophy that every bride deserves photos that will capture the memories of such an important event, and it’s our duty to offer options to meet all of our potential clients’ needs.  Amazingly, our Economy Photo & Video Package is pretty robust; you will receive a full day of service, a gorgeous album, fully edited videos, and much more!

In our studio, the bride and groom can choose from our selection of economic and higher end offerings depending on their budget.  It is our job to help our clients stay within their budget without compromising quality and great customer service.


No need to stress about incurring debt before the wedding on ridiculously expensive photography services.  We will work with you to reach your goal.


Amazing Slideshows!

At Suheil Artistic we create customized slideshows for all events; Weddings, Sweet Sixteen, Birthdays, Engagements, Graduations, Christenings, and more.  We create tribute slideshows to display at your party/special event, as well as slideshows of your party pictures.

Click on the links below to view sample video clips of a Wedding and Sweet Sixteen.

Ariana slideshow HD short version   Wedding Slideshow short version

Tips for Picture Perfect Makeup










Following are a few recommendations for our Brides and Quinceaneras when applying their makeup.    These tips will help us accomplish a flawless photography session.

  1. Your skin should look fresh and dewy.  Use a moisture balanced foundation and stick with yellow undertones as they work best with flash photography.
  2. Avoid shimmer highlighters or light refractive makeup.  Excessive shimmer can turn into unflattering and highly reflective shine in your photos.
  3. Add a light dusting powder to prevent any unwanted shine.  The use of heavy pressed powders can leave your skin looking chalky and lifeless in your photos.
  4. Use waterproof mascara in case you shed a few tears of joy.  You certainly do not want run mascara in your photos.
  5. Wear blush and pick a pinky peach or rose shade.  Don’t go too light with your blush, as flash photography can make you look washed out.
  6. Stay away from lip liners that are much darker than your lipstick.  This looks very harsh and unnatural in pictures.
  7. Preferably wear a lipstick in the warm families;  Roses, Pinks and Reds look great in pictures.  Avoid neutrals and frosted lip colors as these shades can make you look pale and tired in your pictures.





Winter Photography and Video Specials

Free parent albums with qualifying wedding photography and video packages! Hurry, this offer is valid through March 30, 2012.

Gorgeous albums and slideshows that will make your wedding day memories last a Lifetime!