Why Hire a Professional Photographer for my Sweet Sixteen / Quinceanera?

Professional Photography is the best way to capture the memories of your Sweet Sixteen.  This is such an important event and requires so much planning that not hiring a professional photographer would be a big mistake.  Parents spend so much time, money and effort looking for the right venue, dresses, flowers, invitations, limousines, entertainment, and an endless list of other details that not hiring a photographer simply would not make sense.

Sometimes I have clients tell me that a friend of the family will take the photos for the day, and my argument is that only Experience, Equipment, and Skill combined can deliver the professional quality photos their daughters can treasure and share with future generations.  Is it worth risking not having beautiful professional images and having regrets?

When booking your photographer it’s very important to find one that at a minimum meets the following criteria:    

  • Experienced
  • Nice Personality (after all, you will spend a whole day with this individual so you might as well find someone personable so you feel comfortable)
  • Style (look at their work and make sure you like their style)


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