Tips for Picture Perfect Makeup










Following are a few recommendations for our Brides and Quinceaneras when applying their makeup.    These tips will help us accomplish a flawless photography session.

  1. Your skin should look fresh and dewy.  Use a moisture balanced foundation and stick with yellow undertones as they work best with flash photography.
  2. Avoid shimmer highlighters or light refractive makeup.  Excessive shimmer can turn into unflattering and highly reflective shine in your photos.
  3. Add a light dusting powder to prevent any unwanted shine.  The use of heavy pressed powders can leave your skin looking chalky and lifeless in your photos.
  4. Use waterproof mascara in case you shed a few tears of joy.  You certainly do not want run mascara in your photos.
  5. Wear blush and pick a pinky peach or rose shade.  Don’t go too light with your blush, as flash photography can make you look washed out.
  6. Stay away from lip liners that are much darker than your lipstick.  This looks very harsh and unnatural in pictures.
  7. Preferably wear a lipstick in the warm families;  Roses, Pinks and Reds look great in pictures.  Avoid neutrals and frosted lip colors as these shades can make you look pale and tired in your pictures.